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We see a world in which people understand and accept that all people have cultural differences and similarities on individual and group level. In this world intercultural education is an integral part of all schools and universities and professional education and training worldwide.
With the knowledge of into cultural differences and similarities we provide professionals worldwide with proper knowledge, theories and practical solutions to identify communication styles and values so they can treat other people like they want to be treated.

In this world we help organizations to learn how to include diverse people into a beneficial situation for all. We help leaders and managers to overcome cultural differences in their organizations and make them work to their advantage.

With a universal understanding of cultural differences and the practical solutions and tool on how to deal with these, conflicts between individuals, groups, organizations and countries can be avoided. In time, world peace and a universal approach to world issues is within our grasp.


We do research into different aspects of interculturality, within our institute and in collaboration with other institutions and universities.

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Consult our library of books, papers, opinion pieces, interviews, podcasts and other publications about science, current events, observations and our thoughts on all things intercultural.

Educational resources

Internationalization, Diversity and Inclusion are all current topics where a school or university may want to incorporate external resources in order to incorporate the latest insights into their teaching program.