Culturetest is the practical application of the scientific Dingemans & Janssen model of cultural differences.

With it you can figure out what your communications styles are and compare them with the standard styles of other countries but also your team mates that also did the Culturetest.

It will give you practical tips and behavioral guidelines on how to handle that one person on your team. You will experience a lot more grip on understanding others and making yourself understood, either these are people from your team or from different cultures!


What does it do?

Cultural Orientation

The test consists of 64 – 80 questions. From the answers a personal cultural profile is calculated for each participant. This profile gives an outcome on eight communications styles and eight values of culture.

The profile shows the individual’s cultural orientation on three cultural orientations on the levels of four open and four hidden communication styles – these are visible expressions of culture; four professional values – this is how one approaches work; and finally four basic values which are at the very core of a person’s decision-making strategies.


Your personal profile is made visible both in a table and as a position in a triangle. This visual Personal Profile is more accurate for how people from the same culture perceive you. It is very useful when working with people of your own culture. The Country comparison will show you how people from other countries will perceive you!

You can compare your own cultural profile with that of a country. Our database contains detailed profiles on over 100 countries.

A more advanced feature is the team comparison, where team members’ strengths and team effectiveness is analyzed. As this requires an advanced level of understanding of cultural differences, the aspects of culture and team building, this feature is only available through certified licensed trainers.


With several thousand possible outcomes, this profile is pretty unique. Once a participant has completed the test you will have access to a downloadable report (PDF) with your results, and you’ll have access to a dashboard with six applications to further explore your profile and how it fits in with national cultures, cultural profiles and your team members.

All test results are anonymized and the data is used to validate the theoretical foundations of the Dingemans & Janssen model on a statistical level.