Inclusivity & Diversity

Research shows that a multicultural team can perform more efficiently and more successfully than monocultural teams. However, research also shows that initially, multicultural teams are the worst performing and unsuccessful teams or organizations.

The difference between the two is knowledge about the various cultures within a team or organization and the necessary cultural competences to accept the cultural differences, be able to see other people’s perspectives and lead them towards high performance.

Diversity & Inclusivity training


Emergence offers diversity training opportunities to guide people from a broad variety of cultures into high performance, successful teams and organizations.


Accepting cultural differences and leading multicultural diverse teams and organizations does not come naturally, this needs to be learned. It is a universal human trait that people like to work and live within their own cultural group, it takes a deliberate effort to work together and accept other cultures. After that, the sum of the cultures is more than the parts and usually leads to a more successful, high performance team in comparison with mono-cultural teams and non-guided, entocentric teams or organizations.


Emergence offers inclusivity training to give people practical handles on how to include people from other cultures into their organization and also how people from outside should adapt to the culture that is already there.