Educational resources

Emergence hosts a platform for the educational community. Here, content, tools and instructional materials are accessed. We offer educational content ranging from tailor made case studies (2 hours work) that can be incorporated in other courses to full courses that can be incorporated into a curriculum (up to 5 EC). At this moment we offer resources for Bachelor and Master degrees and hope to add Vocational institutions in the near future.

Examples of these are:

·       Case studies on intercultural communication

·       Workshops on interculturality for lecturers

·       Culturetest

·       12 week course (semester) on intercultural competences (2 hours lecture per week)

·       Multiple day course on intercultural competences 

(A more comprehensive list of educational resources is found further below.)

We know education

Tailor made

We believe the best ideas and approaches to learning come directly from educators who have experience teaching and connecting with students. That’s is why we always construct our educational resources with the educators who are going the use them. In this way, Educational institutions can guarantee their students will receive examples and subjects relevant to their study.

Science based

Our products are based on proven, validated, scientific sources. At the same time, we develop our own research to statistically validate new and existing tools and theories. We constantly strive to provide educational institutions with scientifically proven materials that have a worldwide consensus.

We are lecturers

The people that develop educational resources at Emergence are Lecturers at higher educational institutions themselves, always in combination with other roles as Author or Researcher.

We understand how to bring scientific, relevant, active learning to a classroom and share that with other lecturers around the globe. We know what lectures need in the classroom. This benefits everyone, most of all the students.

Practical applicable solutions

We apply scientific theories and models into everyday practical solutions that everybody can use.

Global Support Community

Our Lecturer-Author-Researchers are able to quickly respond to the ever-evolving needs of their fellow educators and provide them with the resources they need to teach at their best. When teachers work together, incredible things happen.

We apply scientific theories and models into everyday practical solutions that everybody can use. Our Bachelor Courses consists of a manual for lecturers and students, PowerPoints, cases, cultural assessments, practical exercises, and can be complemented with exams and books.

Emergence offers educational resources for Bachelor and Master studies. Vocational institutions will be added in the near future. The different educational resources vary by learning time, subject and materials

Educational resources

Learning time

We offer short workshops, case studies and business examples that can be implemented in existing courses such as marketing, internationalization, management, leadership and communication courses. For more indebt learning we offer a range of course from one- or two-day training courses to full semester courses and anything in between.


Emergence offers a range of educational subjects. New subjects are added regularly in co-operation with educational institutions. Examples are: Intercultural Sensitivity, Intercultural Competences, Human Resource Management,Global Negotiation Tactics Leadership across cultures and Intercultural marketing.


Emergence offers an extensive range of materials that can be studied for educational purposes. A special tool is the Culturetest personal assessment at

Other materials are: PowerPoints, videos, case studies, professional examples, tailor made exams, group exercises, practical assignments and a digital learning environment.