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It is impossible for companies, governments and international organizations to be an expert in every culture.

Cross-cultural researchers, such as Geert Hofstede have therefore been working on models to make cultures of the world transparen

There is a reason why research about cultures and cultural differences is so important. Being able to communicate and work with people from other cultures and being able to function in intercultural teams (even within your own culture there are subcultures) has become a competence that can make the difference between a successful company or organization or a failure.

Emergence, the global Research Institute for Cultural Differences executes and facilitates research projects that help build models on interculturality, develop tools that help people understand each other and gathers data on cultures and cultural differences.

Intercultural competences such as intercultural sensitivity, recognizing cultural differences and misunderstandings, are the skills of a professional in the twenty-first century. The difference between successful and unsuccessful companies is the level of intercultural competences of the owners, leaders and all its employees.

Current research projects

Current Research projects

Project 2021-1: Validation of the Model of Dingemans & Janssen.

The 16 variables of the Model of Dingemans & Janssen are based on an extensive scientific literature study to establish a list of universally used communication styles and values.

The variables are measured with a tripartite system as a measuring stick. With the help of the Culturetest the model is applied worldwide and as results pour in, we can statistically validate the empirical data.

Other projects: 

Inclusivity in the primary school system in the Netherlands

Are the Netherlands confrontation-avoidant?

Cultural appropriation among non-Western cultures

Research partners

We work together with research institutes around the world.

Research opportunities

For bachelor and master students, we offer research opportunities in various countries around the globe. You can find some of the open opportunities here or contact us for more information.

List of open research opportunities:

We seek collaborations to collect data on the Culturetest 

Intership opportunities for Business; Graphic design; Statistics; and Social Psychology students.

Bachelor and Master thesis research