Services for trainers

To be able to use the Culturetest as a trainer or coach in organizations you can get accredited as a Licensee to use the Culturetest.

If you’re already delivering training and consulting services in the intercultural, communication, HRM or related field, the Culturetest is another perfect tool to add to your toolkit.

get your licence !


The Culturetest provides individuals with a personalized cultural profile that can be used to explore your own cultural values and communication styles. You can compare yourself to many (over 100) different cultures. You can also compare your profile with that of your team members.

With the help of an extensive country database you get personalized tips and information on communication and the specific cultural differences.


As an accredited trainer or Licensee, using the Culturetest will enable you to invite participants into a group, view their cultural profiles, compare individual profiles and map cultural differences at team and organization levels. If you have the organisation administrator role, you can assign rights to TeamLeaders and trainers for groups within the organization.


In our Train-the-Trainer workshops we train lectures in higher education, trainers, coaches, HRM personnel and consultants on interculturality issues.

There are specific courses on diversity and inclusion.

At the end of a course you are awarded with a certificate. Develop your professional qualifications by adding Culturetest accreditation to your resumé.